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Apr 23

Arrived safely!

On the ground in San Antonio! Off to the
House we’ve rented near the Air Force base and then to bed I think. Traveling always makes me tired because I have horrible luck sleeping on flights!

At the airport!

Off to my mom’s house & then the airport!

I’ll be on mobile until Sunday night, see you guys when I get back!

[catching fire | chapter 22] 

                   ➳ She lies on the sand, gasping like a fish out of water. Sagging skin, sickly green, her ribs as prominent as a child’s dead of starvation. Surely she could afford food, but turned to the morphling just as Haymitch turned to drink, I guess. Everything about her speaks of waste - her body, her life, the vacant look in her eyes. I hold one of her twitching hands, unclear whether it moves from the poison that affected our nerves, the shock of the attack, or withdrawal from the drug that was her sustenance. There is nothing we can do. Nothing but stay with her while she dies.

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Stef Dawson at the premiere of ‘The Quiet Ones’ at the Theatre At Ace Hotel on April 22nd, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Apr 22

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Josh in Paris (thank you anon!)

Josh in Paris (thank you anon!)

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My take on the burnt newspaper nails- THG edition


My take on the burnt newspaper nails- THG edition

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